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Save THOUSANDS Over Traditional Fencing And Keep Your Dog Securely In Your Yard

Utah Hidden Dog Fence is different than our competitors.  Your ultimate goal is to have a dog that stays safely, happily, and securely in your yard.  When you go to work, off to the store, or go to sleep at night, you don’t want to worry whether or not your dog is safely in the yard.  You want a pet containment system that is quality built so that you don’t have to worry about getting it fixed or serviced frequently.  And above all, you want to pay for value.  Our systems are humane and guaranteed to contain your pet.

Utah Hidden Dog Fence stands out in several ways:

1- Our Dog Fence Equipment- Not all electric dog training gear is created equal.  There are many models and systems that are pure junk.  They fall apart.  They don’t work when they are supposed to.  They give your dog an electric correction at inappropriate times.  They are made from inferior materials.

We use only high quality products.  Period.  We’ve rejected many different systems and tested out lots of brands.  We’ve got our favorites that we’ll go back to time and time again.  We know they work and we know they are quality for you and your dog.  You won’t have to worry about flimsy equipment that breaks down or doesn’t get the job done.

2- No exclusivity- The majority of our competitors are exclusive dealers for their brand.  That means that they sell their brand and only their brand; even if that isn’t the correct brand for your home or dog.  Let’s face it, there is no perfect brand.  If there were, the other brands of dog fences would go out of business.  Each brand has it’s positives and negatives.

Because we aren’t exclusive with any brand we can consult with you and find the perfect dog fence for your situation.

In all honesty, there are only a few brands that we use because we’ve found them to be the highest quality and best features.  Because of our lack of exclusivity, though, we’re able to use one brand with one client and another brand with the next.

3- Expertise- This is the biggest competitive advantage that we have.  Training a dog is both a skill and an art.  The best hidden dog fence system in the world is useless, and even dangerous, without world-class training.

Utah Hidden Dog Fence is owned by renowned dog trainer, Ty Brown, who has personally given seminars and workshops in several different countries and dozens of states on the proper use of electric dog training collars.

Our systems come with professional installation and, more importantly, world-class instruction and training on how to quickly train your dog to safely and securely stay within the set boundaries.

The biggest mistake someone could make is attempting to teach their dog how to use an invisible dog fencing system on their own, or hiring a dog trainer who isn’t an expert on dog fence systems.