About Utah Hidden Dog Fence

For years the founder of Utah Hidden Dog Fence, Ty Brown, has operated one of Utah’s most successful dog training companies, CommuniCanine Inc. As the owner of CommuniCanine, Ty has set new standards in the state of Utah for dog training.  His company has four times won the coveted Best of State award in the animal training category and he is in demand from dog owners around the country when it comes to advanced level obedience, fixing aggression problems, puppy training, and electric collar training.

Ty has developed proprietary methods for electric collar training that are cutting edge and unique to his companies.  With his proprietary techniques Ty and his team are able to train your dog to stay in your yard in the most humane way possible.  While many dog owners are concerned about whether or not a fencing system is humane we’ve been able to develop systems to make the process easier and more gentle on your pet.

Recently he has released a home study course that is currently being adopted by thousands of dogs owners from around the world.  The home study course includes information on all facets of dog training and behavior and can be found at www.DogBehaviorOnline.com.

Ty brings his methods and unique techniques to Utah Hidden Dog Fence both personally and through his hand-picked employees.  Utah Hidden Dog Fence combines a unique blend of expertise, both in the installation of the best quality fencing products and in the training expertise to train your dog to stay within the perimeter of your yard.

Your dog’s happiness is our aim and we guarantee our results.