Electric Dog Fence

In the world of pet containment there is a system that is often confused with a hidden fence or an underground dog fence.

An electric dog fence is constructed by running a charged electric wire around a boundary.  The wire itself is carrying an electric current that gives a shock when it is touched.  An electric dog fence is placed around a boundary so that when the dog touches it he receives a shock and is scared back into the property.  This type of system doesn’t correspond with any sort of training collar or other implement.  It is simply designed to go off and give a shock when it is touched.

This type of fencing can be related to cattle fencing or horse fencing that many people are familiar with.  Picture that cow pasture or horse corral with a charged wire running around the top of the post fence.  That type of containment is the same thing as an electric dog fence.

This is the least desirable form of pet containment.  It is dangerous for kids and other people because anyone touching it will get a strong shock.  Dogs can easily thwart this system by jumping over and tunneling under.  It is most susceptible to breaks and weaknesses.  A tree limb falling on it, strong wind, creatures and critters chewing on it, and plenty of other environmental issues can all lead it not working.  It is also the least humane as most of these systems are set on high levels and will correct any part of the body whether that be a dog licking it or simply brushing up against it with the side of the body.