Wireless Dog Fence Systems

In the world of pet containment there are various options for you and your pet dog.  Two options that are most often confused are the hidden fence system (sometimes called an underground fence or invisible fence) or a wireless dog fence system.

Both systems seem very similar.  Both use an electric dog training collar.  Both emit a tone or vibration and then a correction to the dog if the dog approaches the boundary too close.

A hidden fence system entails burying a wire underneath the ground around a desired perimeter.  A wireless dog fence system employs a physical unit that you keep somewhere on your premises.  The unit emits a signal that goes out a certain distance, creating a boundary in your yard.

While there are similarities and differences there are certain major differences that make one of these training tools a great option and the other an inconsistent tool likely to cause problems with your pet containment efforts.

The problem with wireless dog fence systems is that the signal that is given out is often inconsistent.  What that means is that one day the signal may reach one part of your yard and the next day it may be different.  Imagine from your dog’s perspective if one day he’s able to reach a part of your yard and the next day he’s corrected from his training collar for going in that same area.  That is not the case with underground dog fence systems.

Another problem is that the wireless dog fence system is greatly affected by your yard’s terrain and other obstacles in your yard.  Dips, berms, or hills can disrupt a signal.  Large landscaping rocks or yard features like playgrounds can also greatly affect the usefulness of the unit.  This is not the case with hidden fence systems using buried wires.

Finally, with a wireless dog fence system, you aren’t able to set exact boundaries.  It is possible to set a perimeter but the signal is emitted in a uniform way.  What that means is that part of the signal may be in your yard and another part may go into your neighbor’s yard.  This obviously isn’t the best way to keep your dog contained.  This is not a problem with a hidden fence system.

In summary, there are a few scenarios where a wireless dog fence system is ideal.  In most cases, however, a hidden fence system is much preferred.  The electric dog fence (hidden fence) is better built, more consistent, set boundaries, and will keep your dogs in your yard in a much safer way.